Let there be Cheese!

One of my favorite places to visit in Dublin, Texas. Not far from STRVP, maybe a 30 minute drive, is a home grown farm. When I think of a farm from my childhood, I imagine a place just like this. With pigs rooting in the dirt, cows happily chewing their cud in a pasture, cats hanging out where they milk the cows, and sheep doing their thing, which I’m not sure really what sheep do when they are happy.

At this little farm they make their own cheese from fresh raw milk. Not just an average cheese, it is amazing cheese! 100 years ago, everything was pure and organic. However, nowadays, this kind of farm is unique and we are very fortunate to have them so close to us.

For many that don’t know me, I ❤️ to learn and practice healthy eating. One of the easiest ways is to go back to eating unaltered foods. No chemicals, no preservatives, no pesticides, plastics, dyes, fillers, binders…

Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect in any way. I educate myself and spend my time around those who have the same healthy values in common. On a daily basis I drink an organic greens product along with a few other supplements so that I know that I am at least giving my body nutrients to help it fight off disease and heal itself. However, I do eat out at restaurants and I do choose some convenient foods at the grocery store, but I want to eat better!

Veldhuizen Cheese gives us the opportunity to go back to a natural food source that has no preservatives, no added coloring and use no pesticides on their fields.

Not only do they sell cheeses but they also sell raw milk. The milk that you buy at a grocery store is considered a dead food. It has been treated so harshly, pasteurized, homogenized, additives, preservatives, that not only is the taste different but the nutritional value has been diminished. If you have never had raw milk, do a taste test between the raw and the store bought milk. There is a huge difference all the way around.

Saturday’s at 10:30am Veldhuizen Cheese gives a tour of their farm. Then around the last part of October they hold a Family Farm Day. I will be posting the date when the time gets nearer.

Veldhuizen is one more reason that Stephenville, Texas is a great place to be.

We ❤️ Stephenville, Texas