The struggle is REAL…

This photo of Gunner sums it up perfectly. Project Stephenville Texas RV Park is under way. The momentum is strong and we can actually see the earth moving. When the idea in your head is exact yet the paperwork is slow, it felt as if this day would never come. Today, as we watched the ground break and the landscape change we know that our struggles were worth it. For five years and six months, Manuel and I have thought, talked, dreamed and designed our future. It is phase one of our plans. While I was working in China in 2012, Manuel and I were emailing back and forth and planning this dream together. As soon as I arrived back to the U.S. we got started right away. Little did we know that the hurdles were abundant and we needed to experience many life lessons to truly understand what we wanted and that we were capable!

Thank you to all those who have stood by us!

We ❤️ Stephenville Texas