The American Dream

We have been waiting for several months to begin the construction on our RV Park. There were many puzzle pieces that we had to align just right so as to get an approval to start the project. You have heard about jumping through hoops but ours was more like pulling teeth! Actually, just one tooth. One really large rooted tooth that just didn’t want to give up. In the end that tooth was attached to a dentist that said they could just pull it themselves…. Yes, it was something just like that!

Now, here we are, excited to get this dream off paper and into reality. For the four and a half months that we were waiting for the “dentist,” it had been very dry, with little rain. As soon as we made plans to put the first trench in the ground, it rains! We wait a couple days to dry out, get the trenches dug and it rains some more. We get some pipes in and it rains again. A lot, big drops that will soak you in seconds. You know, the kind of rain that fills up ditches!

We are in the sticky mud, sloshing around in soaked clothes, putting in pipes and wires. It is not a pretty sight. Our cabin is looking like a bunch of wild pigs ran through it.

This week, as we utilize our time between down pours and the sun setting, there is no priority of running the vacuum, no doing dishes and lucky to get our boots off before we go into the kitchen.

I knew that there was going to be chaos when we started to build. This is not my first rodeo (not my first RV park either!) However, when you see your beautiful property ripped up, get your boot sucked off your foot from the mud and it’s raining again, you start to feel your grip slipping.

But this my friends…. is the American Dream, right!!!

It looks miserable!!! And it is…

Come what may! Momma said, it’s not gonna be easy but it will be worth it!

Cheers, to all of you that are out there working in the trenches to live your American Dream!

We ❤️ Stephenville Texas

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