In my world

Everything is well planned, in my head. If it were just up to me, the RV Park would be completed and it would be perfect. However, in my World, I wear a crown and carry a magical staff so it is much easier to have my projects completed in an efficient and timely manner. In the real world, my magical staff is a shovel and it doesn’t do a thing unless I pick it up.

Last week I talked about how there was chaos. It was hard to see any transformation through the trenches and mounds of dirt and rocks…mainly rocks.

After several days of using my magic staff, along with really stiff shoulders, sore back and a broken nail (technically the nail broke when I opened the truck door while doing laundry) we are now starting to see the metamorphosis.

And… when I say I, what I really mean is Manuel since I’m mainly just the journalist.

But I still did my part with the shovel, plus, I couldn’t get him to pose with the cape and staff.

Today is a day of rest and we did.

Just believe, is what Manuel spouts when I have tears in my eyes. And I do.

Cherish every moment, dream big and believe!!!

We ❤️ Stephenville Texas

4 thoughts on “In my world

  1. Feel your pain, and mine too. Two days of moving city hall, two days of moving stuff to our house and then tearing out cabinets, plumbing, electrical and chipping tile floor. It will all be over soon.

  2. You do feel my pain ? And then, just as these projects will be completed, we will find larger mountains to climb!!!

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