It’s a must!

One of my most favorite places to eat! Originally, it was Simply Deli located on the Square. I still remember my very first time eating there. I was in love with the quality of their food. It has been over 10 years now and although they are in a different location, their values hold true. I usually order the amazing salad and sandwich on a croissant but I have tried most of what they offer.

Be sure to order a crepe, it’s a Must! Chocolate (Nutella) with bananas ?

Sherry used to make cupcakes. Not your ordinary cupcakes but really, they were the most amazing cupcakes. The kind that would make you cry if you went there and they were already sold out. That may or may not have happened ? Maybe there will be a Simply Deli reunion and Sherry could whip up the Chocolate Chili cupcake or the most popular Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting, totally worth crying for?When we go, Manuel gets a Chef Salad with Bulgogi on it! I’m not sure what Bulgogi is but it is delicious!

The food is quality and the owners are delightful! Don’t let Oliver’s English accent fool you, he is also fluent in French ?

Owning your own business is not easy and being in the food industry, I can imagine, would be the hardest to please your patrons. Big O’s Simply Delicious, keeps customers coming back with a long line of loyal followers. Yes, Big O’s food is that good!

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  1. Big O’s never disappoints!! We are blessed to have such great quality in Stephenville.
    Thanks Oliver for all you do.

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