Today was a busy day for the Stephenville area. So much to see and so much to do! There was a lot going on, including a 5k in stephenville but we opted to go check out the cute little town of Hico, Texas.

Home of the Billy the Kid Museum. It was said that Billy the Kid died in 1881 in Fort Sumner….but did he? Hico residents say Billy the Kid lived in Hico under the name of Ollie P. Bill aka Brushy Bill and didn’t die until 1950 ?

Hico is small but sure does have a lot of charm. The old buildings are beautiful. Manuel and I have visited the Blue Star many times to look at old photos and read about the history in a unique furniture store.

After eating at Jersey Lily’s Mexican restaurant, we headed to Siloville. If you love Ninja Warrior and want to climb a very tall silo, you will appreciate it!

Gunner had a great time as they have a kids course.

Great place for birthday parties and they have a discount price of $5 on Thursdays for the kids. Only a 20 minute drive from Stephenville Texas RV Park, sounds like we may be frequent visitors on Thursdays!

We ❤️ Stephenville, Texas…and Hico!

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