Saddle up in Pizza Hut

Kinda cool to come to the Pizza Hut and see my old barrel saddle. Not just any old barrel saddle but my very first brand spanking NEW, not a hand me down…barrel saddle. I was turning 12 years old and my dad had an early surprise for me before he flew back to Istanbul, Turkey. I was so excited and I had no idea I was getting a new saddle. Sadly, my dad never made it to his plane as he passed away just before he was to leave. It was a time of extreme happiness which then turned into one of the worst days of my life, as we laid him to rest on the day of my 12th birthday. I see that saddle and see many firsts. My first buckle won, my first WPRA check, my first colt started… I would like to say that Pizza Hut asked for my autograph and hung a photo too with the likes of Tuff Hedeman and Trevor Brazile but they just needed western decor.

I had donated it to Never Too Old Horse Rescue and Deana in turn gave them the saddle (miss you Deana). It is still nice to see it here in the Cowboy Capital of the World on display and for me to remember these memories, good and bad.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

We ❤️ Stephenville, Texas!