Them old tractors

Fun fact, today is Stephenville’s 22nd Annual Antique Tractor Show!

We saw the sign on the hill at the intersection of Graham and 377. I put it on my calendar as I knew Gunner and Manuel would love to check out these beauties. I came to this show around 10 years ago and took pictures by myself. I sure loved coming back today and showing the tractors off.

These two boys loved every minute of it. You should have seen Gunner’s eyes light up when a large burly gentleman looked down from his big ole green machine. That man smiled and gave Gunner the gesture that said, do you want to drive this tractor. Holy Moly did he ever! I was in my own delight as I watched him climb up the John Deere and take the wheel. It then hit me that I was the mom and my job was to get pictures and videos to document this amazing moment.

When walking through the rows of these machines you can see the dedication that keeps them in fine working order. Some have a beautiful new coat of paint but under that shiny gloss you can see the antique curves.

Other tractors are in their same skin as when they were fresh from the factory. They may not glisten in the sun no more but they will still start and work a full day if you needed it to.

Another one of these events that Stephenville proudly showcases. As we were leaving the tractors we heard someone yell out for us to stop. We turn around and we see two folks waving us down. In their hand was a sparkling gold trophy. They handed it to Gunner and thanked him for participating in the parade. Oh my geez!!! What an absolute delight! This little 5 year old got to drive a tractor and then was honored with a trophy, there can be no better day than this day!

Thank you Stephenville, for hosting this important community event. Tractors make the world go’round! And bless these fine folks of the 22nd Stephenville Antique Tractor Show, you just made a future tractorman!

We ❤️ Stephenville, Texas!

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