Boulder City, NV was here

With our opening last month, our very first reservation was from Boulder City, NV!

Our dear friends Dale and Dyanah were coming to Texas and we are so glad these two were able to come see Stephenville Texas RV Park!

Many of our greatest memories come from the hospitality and the generosity that this business providing couple, offer to the the town of Boulder City. From the water wars of Fourth of July parade to the amazing Christmas House on 5th street and even to simply sitting down for 10 minutes to discuss business strategies.

True ambassadors for the city they love. Even after Dale and Dyanah were long gone, there was still a piece of Boulder City Nevada left in Stephenville Texas. We loved finding this small gem in the RV park.

Although our hearts belong to Stephenville, our gratitude is to those in Boulder City. You have made a wonderful, caring and fun place to live and we appreciate our past five years there. If ever you feel the need to branch out and get the drive for entrepreneurship, look up Dale and Dyanah. Boulder City has a great opportunity with this amazing couple.

Thank you Dale and Dyanah for your guidance and friendship.

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  1. I am touched. We are so blessed to have met you, worked with you and socialised with you. Watching you and your family fulfill your dream to get back to Texas warms my heart

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