Bad haircut

Stephenville’s 2018 ice storm is one for the records. It has been a devastating couple of days for our community’s trees and property. Most residents have experienced no power and even some have been without power for three days now.

At STRVP we had 30 beautiful and perfectly manicured trees. Manuel took many months cutting out the blood thirsty spiked vines, taking out the skeletons of eleven large dead trees and rejuvenating the ones once too thick with briers to even see the sunlight. Each day Manuel would come back bloody and bruised but we ended up having some of the most beautiful trees in the county… I felt it was totally worth it ?

Our property damage was minimal but it hurt us terribly as we would hear the deep crack of the tree branches breaking under the weight of the ice and the swinging from the wind. There was always a loud boom when they hit the ground. About twice an hour we would rush to the windows to see which tree met its doom. One of our largest trees fell with a deafening noise that sounded like thunder.

For two days we watched and listened to these beautiful trees fall to their death. Maybe I’m a little over dramatic but I do think there are some residence that will resinate with our story.

I shot close to 100 photos and videos of the disaster. Not only was it devastating but it was also absolutely beautiful! Mother Nature is very powerful and dangerous yet in turn she gives us some extraordinary photo ops.

While today we are busy cleaning up the debris we are also very thankful that we had no other catastrophe. We lost some trees and we are having to prune others in a more peculiar way. So today we are looking at it more as a bad haircut and with the sun, the rain and much hope it will grow back soon.

Thank you to all the linemen that have been working tirelessly to keep the power running.

We ❤️ Stephenville Texas!